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Stellify Media / Sony Pictures Television All-Ireland Screenwriting Prize, in partnership with Northern Ireland Screen, is looking for talented writers with ideas for high-concept, contemporary, returnable crime drama that can be filmed on the island of Ireland, in the following categories:    

·       Returnable mini-series or stripped event    

e.g. Guilt (BBC Scotland), Blood (Virgin Media)    

·       High-volume daytime    

e.g. The Majorca Files (BBC Daytime), Father Brown Investigates (BBC Daytime)   

·       Series arc prime time    

e.g. Line of Duty (BBC), Broadchurch (ITV)   

·       Closed episode prime time    

e.g. Evil (alibi), Death in Paradise (BBC1), Criminal (Netflix)   



The Stellify Media / Sony Pictures Television All-Ireland Screenwriting Prize, in partnership with Northern Ireland Screen, is open to writers who are aged 18 and over on the 15th January 2021, currently residing or born in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland.   




The submission should be a maximum of one page PDF and include a pitch with details of your original high concept idea.

Writing Sample    

Applicants should provide an original script, not based on an existing drama, formatted clearly and legibly, and submitted as a PDF.   

Closing Date   

Please complete your submission on the following links before 17:00hrs (GMT) on 15th January 2021.


Applications are now closed.



Submission checklist:   

·       Have you included a short pitch or description of your idea?   

·       Have you included an example of your writing?   

·       Is your submission an idea for a series?  

·       Is your submission a returnable idea?  

·       Is your submission a contemporary crime drama?  

·       Is your idea high concept?  

·       Were you born in or are you a current resident of Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland?  

·       Are you aged 18 or over?   



The competition opens on 11th December 2020.   

Each idea must be submitted separately.   

Entry is free of charge.   

No feedback will be given on writing samples.   

Closing date is 15th January 2021. We reserve the right to extend this date at our discretion.  Terms and conditions apply.  

A maximum of 6 ideas will be selected. The finalists will be required to write a 2-3 page outline for a pilot episode and series outline. A maximum of 3 treatments will then be selected for further development to pilot script.   

The submission should include a pitch with details of your high concept idea. This should be short and concise, giving an overview of the entire story idea in a few simple sentences.   

I lived in Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland for three years a while ago, can I apply?   

Unless you were born in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland or are currently resident there, you are not eligible to apply for this Screenwriting Prize.    

I’m 18 in February 2021, can I apply?   

No, you must be 18 on or before the competition closes on the 15th January 2021.   

I’ve submitted a script to another competition, can I enter it in this one?   

Providing you still own the rights to the script, and it has not been optioned by a production company, yes.   

I’m in a writing partnership, can we apply?   

Yes, although development fees will be paid per project.   

I’ve sent in a submission, but I’d like to provide a revised script sample, can I send it in?   

Your submission is final. Rewrites, corrections, replacement pages, or additional drafts of a submission will not be accepted.   

Can I submit more than one idea for consideration?   

Yes, providing each is submitted separately.   

Is there a cash prize?   

A maximum of 6 writers will be selected to develop their idea into a 2-3-page treatment. They will be paid for this work. If Stellify Media wish to develop a treatment into a pilot script, the writer will also be paid for this.   

Who will own the rights to my idea?   

You retain the rights to your idea, and the treatment. If Stellify Media wish to develop your treatment to pilot script, they will option the idea and treatment for a limited time to allow for development of a pilot script. If your treatment does not progress to the next stage, but you go on to write a pilot script Stellify Media will ask for first refusal.   

I’ve an idea for a series based on someone else’s novel, can I submit that?   

Your submission must be an original idea, not based on the work of another person. You may submit an idea based on your own work, published in another form, providing you own the rights.